Sunday, August 17, 2008

My mom's garden: Currants

Currants. Another one of my mom’s slightly crazy fruit-growing projects. Like the gooseberries. Only, really, I think, way prettier. I think the colors on these are just fantastic.

Note: these pictures were taken, and these berries were harvested, several weeks back, around July 24th. I’m just only now getting to posting about them.

They are over in the corner of the garden, netted in in the same protective enclosure as the strawberries. Milo quickly figured out where the strawberries were, and would head over there and start ferreting around, trying to find a few ripe ones, slipping his little hands under the net (sadly, I don’t think I ever really managed to get any good strawberry pics). Interestingly, he also quickly seemed to know that the currants were not at all something he wanted. “Those are not yummy to me.”

What exactly you do with currants, I am not sure. I have a feeling that even mom is a bit at loose ends with them, not quite sure what to do.

There was some sort of a fruit dessert, I think, a reddish purplish mush which I believe I tasted on night #2. It was okay, I guess, but did not exactly knock my socks off, but you know me, not a fruit dessert person. I think there may also have been some jam produced from these berries. We’ll have to see what Anne says.

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tuna said...

You can laugh but I made a really EXCELLENT gooseberry jam to which I added currants for the color. Eat you hearts out. Next year I'm hoping for black currants too.