Thursday, July 2, 2009

With July....

...comes a little sun.

When I left the library, at the end of the first day of the season (Wed, July 1st), the sun had emerged and was actually shining gloriously behind the building. I don't think I did that great a job capturing it, but, here it is, anyway.

It's sort of an intermittent thing, really, the sun. The weather has been lousy, and isn't really improving, even though June is over and some improvement genuinely seems in order.

At any rate, here we are, getting settled at our summer home and in our summer routine. And, I see that the pics I took on this year's first day are pretty similar to those I took a year ago.

Here's a behind the house shot. All our bikes, neatly leaned up against the building. It's hard to really count them, but, I'll tell you the deal.

Six bikes, for four people, or, really, three plus, if you think about it. Milo is not yet riding his own...

Alden has three.

Ray has two.
Clarissa has one, plus the bike seat, which Milo does not actually like. His preference is to run alongside, while I ride. He actually does a pretty good job keeping up.

Welcome to summer, such as it is...

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