Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eat local: Blueberries

Suddenly, they are getting ripe, and there are a ton of them. Bumper crop. Banner year. Whatever you want to call it.

It seems weird, as in, early. I mean, it’s still practically strawberry season (pictures of the strawberries in my mom’s garden possibly forthcoming).

But, they really are ready, at least some of them.

I went out in the early morning, and picked enough for breakfast.

Then, later in the day, went out with Alden, Hunter, and Milo. I offered Alden a quarter for every half cup he picked. He picked just that: a half cup. Once he had earned that quarter, he was done.

Milo pretty much grazed the whole time, talking about “ripe” berries and “juicy” berries. Anne also showed up.

Some of those berries went towards a blueberry lemon upside-down cake. More about that later, maybe.

Some of the berries are already frozen, ready to be enjoyed in pancakes on a cold Maine winter morning…

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