Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eat local: lobsters

My cousin Mardi is married to a guy named Clif. They are both great and are currently spending a lot of their time lobstering. Did I mention that they are in their 60s/70s?? The energy these two have is amazing and wonderful to see. (Mardi is actually my mom's first cousin, so, she's one generation up from me).

Two years ago, Clif took Alden out lobstering with him; it was a great treat for Alden.

Clif and Mardi have recently upgraded to a new boat.

I bought some lobsters from them earlier this week.

Steamed them up.

And, made yummy lobster salad. Three lobsters, picked just the big claws and tails from each; added a little mayo, mustard, celery, scallions, dill, and lemon. Eaten in sub-rolls. A good meal for Ray, Anne and me (with Anne contributing a bottle of wine. Thanks, Anne.)

The dill in the salad was given to me by a local neighbor/friend, grown in her own garden.
No pictures of the finished product, as the camera batteries chose to die during the meal preparation.

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tuna said...

So last night my brother and his wife and I had supper with Mardi and Clif and they gave us THREE lobsters each for supper. We saved some for lobster salad today for lunch. They get up at 4:30am to go out lobstering, and when we heard that, we leapt up from the table and said, "It's time to go home so you can go to bed!" (It was also time for me to read to Alden.)