Monday, July 13, 2009

Calf Island

After Saturday library time, I went down to the dock, to meet Ray and the kids, and Mike and Rebecca and the girls. They had all been floating around in the bay, waiting for me to be done with work, so we could head out to sea.

Initial signs seemed to point towards heading in to Bean Island (I'm not sure why...), so I made some noises about wanting to go a little further out than that, and so Ray piped up and said we should head somewhere else. At that point, our boat had Ray and Alden and Olivia and me, while Milo had gotten himself into Mike and Rebecca's boat (and Charlotte was also in there). At some point, he was allowed to actually DRIVE Mike's boat, a major thrill for him. Now of course he wants to be allowed to drive both our boat AND our car. He's quite cross that we are not as nice as Mike!

So we headed to this funny little beach on Calf Island. Everyone else had been there, at some other time (last year), but it was new for me. Small, both in terms of width and depth, (meaning the beach itself seemed small, though I think that had more to do with the rising high tide) (and it wasn't a very wide beach - solid trees, or rocky bits, at either end mean you can't wander along the island shore for long distances, the way you can on some islands),
it's a funny little place. But, the shells and the way the beach look are lovely and interesting, and it was a nice place for a little mini-picnic and play time.

Before leaving the house, I thought about grabbing a bathing suit for Milo. But, failed to do so. Big mistake. He was totally into the water and had a great time splashing around and running in and out. I did actually have extra clothes for him, so it was okay, but, I was kicking myself for not bringing the bathing suit.

We all lounged around on the beach, with the kids variously throwing rocks, swimming and splashing, climbing rocks, eating their way through the snacks we had brought and then commencing to complain about being hungry.
Once the complaints got louder, we headed home, each family with their own children in their own boat. Mike and Rebecca headed straight home, around the point, to their place, while we did the ever popular Sorrento Harbor tour, on our way home.

Not a bad Saturday afternoon.

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qcanoe said...

Sounds better than "not bad." Especially as you unaccountably seem to be having fewer monsoon days than we continue to endure here in the Portland area. (Is that true?) When we get a few hours of faint sun and temperatures in the 70s every third day this summer, we're counting ourselves lucky. The other two days we just write off.