Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cousin Sandwich (and a little family history)

James and Nora are hugging Milo. They are third cousins. This is one of the amazing things about Hancock Point - the extended family. James and Nora are the children of my (second)cousin Jean, usually called Jean Louise here, to distinguish her from her mom, also named Jean. (Jean and my mom are first cousins. Jean's mom Norma and my mom's dad, Henry (my grandfather, that is), were siblings. It was that generation who first came to Hancock Point, as teenagers, I think - probably it was in the 1920s or so (perhaps someone who knows more can fill in, at some point, Anne... hint hint...).

There were four of them - the Thompson children. In order of age, I think: Tyler, Norma, Henry, and the baby, Eunice. Eunice just died this spring, the last of the four siblings to go. They all lived amazingly long lives, all dying within just the last few years, either in or very close to their 90s. Now, the place (Hancock Point) is wildly overpopulated with their offspring, and there are nowhere near enough houses to go around (which is why we live in a library). Maybe I'll try to draw and scan in a little sketch at some point, of the family tree. Drawing it is easy - I am good at this sort of family map/connection thing. It is the scanning part that might get me.

Anyway, now, my kids get to hang out with all sorts of different cousins, and it is a wonderful thing. Here, James and Nora, who are totally lovely kids, are hanging out in the library. Nora reminds Ray and me of Maeve, for all you Raintree Ct folks. Plus, she's got the Irish name thing going on. We miss you, Maeve!

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