Saturday, July 14, 2007

We love Lily!

We love a lot of people, really. But, this post is going to be about Lily.
Lily is Alden's third cousin. She is first cousins with James and Nora. Her dad Greg is Jean Louise's older brother. There is another crazy extended family, connections across all sorts of contexts story here. Short version: Greg's and Jean Louise's dad's partner/girlfriend is a professor, and not just any old professor, but a professor of education no less, and in a field similar to mine, and, more importantly, she is close friends and colleagues with my dissertation advisor, the wonderful Pam Grossman. Small world small world.

Anyway, back to Lily. Unfortunately, Lily is only here for two weeks (and last year, she and her family were only here for one week. They spent their other summer vacation week at Block Island. What were they thinking?) Anyway, this year we had almost two whole weeks with them (we also love Lily's parents, Greg and Sue, and her two cool older brothers, Max and Evan).

Alden and Lily have a good time hanging out, playing, playing tennis, eating, etc.

A highlight for me was getting to ride Lily on the back of my bike for a short bit. Lily is petite (a word I love, but cannot usually use with my own immediate family members), and she was just barely able to still fit in the seat. I needed to bring her to the library to see Alden, and my bike was the best mode of transport for the task. It was great fun to ride down the road with her right behind me. She's a better conversationalist than my usual biking friend (Milo...). Don't be fooled, though - Lily does usually ride a two wheeler on her own, with grace and confidence!

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