Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Next generation of Dave Mirra

Turns out there is an extremely exciting skatepark in Sullivan (next town over). Alden has been spending a lot of time there of late (even in spite of pretty inclement weather).

Alden says:

"first I roll in on the far end of the skatepark, then I go off the box in the middle, get air, then I come down getting just as much speed back, then I go off the quarter pipe, as you can see!


cake eater said...

Dear Alden,
David, Karen, Samantha, Petunia, Daisy, and Fin think that you ROCK on your skates!! These pictures of you doing a 180 on the quarter pipe are awesome! You should be in magazines!

Chance said...

ALDEN! Looks like you are rippin' it up. Hope you are having fun. remember, "GO BIG or GO HOME!