Sunday, July 15, 2007

Goin' to goin' to goin' to goin' to......

Bean Island.

You wouldn't think that there were 2-4 foot waves just around the corner looking at this picture. But, there were. Last year we drove to Sand Beach (a sort of once a summer or so treat, going over to Mt Desert Island to a big sandy beach for the day), and there was a certain amount of chanting in the car "we're goin' to, goin' to goin' to Sand Beach" - in spite of the fact that, in theory, chanting in the car is NOT OKAY.

This year, the chanting carried on, and the trip to Sand Beach was much talked about and long awaited. This year, though, the idea was to have a group go over in the motor boat. A typical epic Ray boat adventure. Everyone was really excited, but the weather was not that cooperative, and so the days went by and we kept not being able to go. Finally, we just had to go for it. So, Sunday morning was the appointed day. 9:00 departure from the dock. Departure really was more like 9:45.... The boat had Ray and Samantha, and Max, Kira, and Alden. Clarissa and Milo driving (the long way...) with ALL sorts of gear, food, toys, etc. in the car.

Before I was even all the way up the HP road, I got the phone call: "we're aborting... 2-4 foot waves, totally impossible to get there."

So, new plan. Lots of cajoling and browbeating, in order to get Max and Alden on board with the new plan:

goin' to goin' to goin' to goin' to..... Bean Island (much closer and oft-visited. So, not much of a treat or exciting at all).

Sort of a disappointment, but, in the lee of Bean, it really was totally calm and lovely, and we ended up having a very nice time.

Plus, big score for Ray in the "weird found metal object" department (he used it as an anchor for the boat while we were at the island.)

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