Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We're here

It's summer and we have arrived. Here's our lovely little home.

It's had a new paint job (and a variety of other updates and improvements, which I will document soon) and looks all shiny and sparkly.

We have actually been staying at my mom's since arriving on Friday, but, the Edinburgh Thompsons come tonight, and so, it really is time to move in to the library. We kept saying we were going to move up to the library, but then we kept enjoying it down here so much.

And, the paint fumes at the library have been pretty intense, still (yeah, all that sparkly and shiny comes at a cost), so, the lovely clean air at the big house has been a nice thing.
But, the library opened yesterday, and I find it a little crazy to be running back and forth between home and work. Much easier to just live right where you work. Okay, ask me how I feel about that in a few months...

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tuna said...

One of the sad things about Clarissa and Co moving to the library (apart from missing them a lot) is that Alden and I can't settle in after supper for a good long read. We missed entirely yesterday, and I managed to squeeze in two chapters on the way to my bike ride today. We'll do it, but it's not quite so cosy and easy.