Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blueberry season, blueberry cake

Not much cake baking going on this summer. You would understand why if you saw the kitchen I am cooking in. (I’ll try to post pictures at some point). But, of course, it is impossible to not bake at all….

I have had a particular blueberry cake in mind since sometime this winter, when I was browsing around Epicurious and found it. The night before the Edinburgh Thompsons were leaving, they invited us for supper, and I offered to make a cake. I rounded up a variety of slightly hard to come by ingredients (hard to come by here, in my summer kitchen, that is):

Parchment paper
3 9-inch round cake tins
Cake flour

Then I went to work.

I won’t go too into the details, though I’ll share this one: I don’t have my regular standing kitchen mixer here, and so I was using a very overpowered hand held mixer – you know, the kind with two beaters (which children love to lick…). When I was done, and trying to get the beaters out of the mixer, I accidentally turned the motor back on (the very overpowered motor, as I mentioned before), thereby spraying batter all over my kitchen. It was a laugh or cry moment, really, during which I chose to laugh. I had gotten down to the wire at this point, in terms of timing and getting the cake baked, cooled, and frosted and all… so, I tried to work on keeping things in perspective. After all, it is only a cake.

Got it baked, transported down to the Big House, and decided to wait and frost it after supper. This allowed me the added bonus of decorating it not just with extra blueberries, but also with mint from my mom’s garden.

People raved about the cake; on the whole, though I thought it was nothing special. Good, really, very nice texture (comes in part from making it with cake flour), very pretty, but nothing really unique. Just your better basic blueberry cake.

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