Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My mom's garden: Mint

Over by the Little House, not in the main flower or vegetable garden (actually, really, garden spots - garden plots? - are kind of scattered all over the property, front, back, side, corners here and there, though there clearly is a main flower and vegetable garden in front of the house on the sea side), a patch of mint grows. I kind of thought it was just growing wildly, but I asked Mom, and discovered that she had in fact planted it there.

I have always loved that mint, and it is fun to think of things to do with it. Recent highlights are, of course, decorate a blueberry cake with it. Remember, the recipe did not call for mint on top, that was my brilliant addition (you can see here that I have some anxieties about not being creative enough, always following recipes rather than making up my own.)

Last summer, my big use for the mint was mojitos. Originally, my friend Karen introduced me to mojitos (I am not much of a mixed-drink person, in general). Once in Maine, with all that mint, I couldn’t help but make mojitos on my own. Not surprisingly, a few other people were quite happy with the situation, and the change from the typical summer drink fare of gin and tonics and microbrewed beer.

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