Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sand Beach

We finally had our long awaited Sand Beach day. Leti and Ben and Noah and Benji were going, and invited Alden to come. After thinking through various logistics (like Alden’s tennis lesson, which we did not want to cancel or miss) I decided that we would all go: here, all means Anne and me, and Alden and Milo. Poor Ray had to stay home and work… or, enjoy some peace and quiet.
We set off after library closing time (noon), giving Milo a bottle for the car ride, and packing all sorts of good picnic food (most of which the kids did not eat until the very end of the afternoon, because they were just having too much fun to sit down and eat).

We arrived at the beach around 1:00 or so, and ended up staying for ages, till 6:00, I think. It was a beautiful, perfect, beach day, and both kids had a terrific time. With Milo, you never know, since everything is still new. He seemed pretty excited by the whole thing, though.

The kids love playing in the sand, digging, creating pools, troughs, connectors, walls, etc.

For me, the favorite part came near the end of the afternoon. Alden was playing, surfing, in the water, and Milo took to running, running, running, right along the water's edge, as the waves came and went, tickling at his feet. Total joy for both of them, and me, too.

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