Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wet and Rainy Part 2. (should really be called: Dry and Sunny)

I had taken Alden over to Schoodic Point earlier this week, just to get out of the house (library…) and have a little adventure, and also to pick up Anne, who had been over there with some friends. We ended up not having much time at Schoodic, and Alden turned out to really like it there. So, we decided to stop at Schoodic on the way home from Petit Manan.

By this time, it was a totally beautiful sunny, windy Maine afternoon. A very different day than the one we had started out with. Before getting to Schoodic itself, you drive through a sweet little harbor, with two great sights: first, a bunch of lobster boats, bright and colorful and all facing the same way (they do that, you know…), and then, wonder of wonders, Sardine Man. Not really sure who he is, but, he just seemed like he needed to be photographed.

We then got over to Schoodic, and had a great time scrambling around on the rocks, and enjoying the sun and wind and wonderful afternoon light.

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