Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pride of Baltimore

Lovely Jane Morse offered to substitute at the library for me, and so it felt like a proper weekend, being able to get up and do something as a family on a Saturday morning.

After a certain amount of logistical preparation, we got it all together and headed off to have breakfast in Bar Harbor – traveling there by boat, of course. It was a lovely sunny summer morning, and the ride over really was pretty short, less than a half hour, I think. Breakfast was good, and we had a nice little walk around Bar Harbor before getting back in the boat.

Heading out, we took a wide path through the harbor, and one of the real highlights of the trip was getting to see the Pride of Baltimore, which had recently arrived.

Several of the crew were up working around in the rigging. Sort of cool to see them up there, but really, it mostly just made me all acrophobic to look at it.

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