Monday, August 6, 2007

Houses we love: this one run down

This is a house I have long loved.

Recently Ray and I were talking, and it turns out he loves it too. It is a pretty run down house, and in all my years of coming here (my whole life, that is), I don't recall anyone ever living in it. Yet the lawn is always taken care of, and there are lovely flowers out front. Seems funny to me, that we should both be so drawn to it, given how run down it is.

It is a lovely site, though, all around, with a sloping down (towards the water, I assume, though it is technically not a water view) big wide field for a back yard.

We enjoyed poking around the place a little while back, though our secret hopes of ever being able to buy the place were dashed when we talked with the people who live next to it, who said that the person who owns it comes every week to take care of the lawn, and has dreams of fixing it up herself one day.

More pictures of houses we love to follow (I hope).

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tuna said...

I've always liked this house as well, but your gardener mom says the flowers are nothing much - just those boring old rather garish yellow-orange daylilies that are everywhere in the gardens of folks who can't be bothered to do something more original.