Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wet and Rainy

And some people were on the cranky side. But, I was done with the library and we had a day to do something with, and I was determined to try my best to make it happen.

I had been wanting to go to Petit Manan all summer, just to walk around and check it out. It is a point farther east, definitely more remote seeming, and parts of the peninsula have been turned into a National Wildlife Refuge, and supposedly you can spot cool birds, nature features, etc. The rain was, in a way, a good reason to hop in the car and head downeast. There was really nothing else we could think of to do… so, picnic packed, raincoats found, and extra shoes and clothes for everyone.

Off we went.

I recently bought Milo a new raincoat. Looks pretty cute, I think.

It was rainy for a good portion of the 1.5 mile walk (the signpost says it takes an hour. I think it took us nearly three. I let Milo walk some, and we definitely stopped to enjoy various parts, in spite of the rain.)

You walk in the woods for a while, and then it opens up to the shore. Spectacularly beautiful, remote seeming, Maine coast. Not totally open ocean, but a very different feel than the water and views around Hancock Point.

We did not really see much in the way of birds – some sea birds, but a little far away for really good viewing. Nevertheless, as we walked around the trail, and as the weather slowly got better, moods lifted and it felt like we had made the right decision, to get in the car and drive over here. By the time we got back to the beginning, the sun had finally fully come out, and we had a some excellent trailside blueberry picking and a lovely parking lot picnic.

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